This is the top level directory.

To build the system:

cd src
sh /your/directory
sh makeall

be sure to update and run ldconfig!


-lcrypto -lssl -lcrypt -lmysqlclient_r -lxml2 -lxml++-3.0 -lglibmm-2.4 -lpthread  -lLabJackM -llog4cpp  -llabjackusb

other XML library versions should work too.

Build the database:

mysql -u youruser -p -D yourDB < scripts/

Create the Channel Types:

This is used to auto load the channels for a new interface and translating fio/name for the U3.

mysql -u youruser -p -D yourDB
load data local infile "scripts/channel_types" into table channel_types;

Update the config file:

cd conf
vi dss.conf and edit database entries and interface entries

If you want to use the Host System, signon to and get the siteID, companyID, dpsID, and password_encrypted and update dss.conf.

Update the sendalert script:

cd scripts
vi sendalert

Run the system:

cd bin
./dssClient &

The logs should be in /var/logs/user.log or whatever is configured in the file in bin.

If everything is set up correctly the interfaces will auto load the channels into the database on the initial run and it will monitor all channels.